Northeast Tennessee

Football Conditioning

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Hill (Science Hill)

The gloom was a little balmy on a high in the  60’s degree day with 17 PAX ready to put in some work.
TTT – 10 IC

WMH – 10 right then left

Warm-up lap

Dynamic warm-up on the field
Baseball may be off to a great start but football season is still being debated. It only seemed fitting to pay tribute to offer some nostalgic football conditioning in honor of the season we hope is coming.

  • Sprint ladder – 10×100, 8×80, 6×60, 4×40, 2×20 going all out as much as possible
  • The Snake – starting in the far end zone, sprint toward the school and jog toward the stands hitting each 5 yard line all the way down the field
  • Sprints to the 50 and back waiting on the 6 to finish the snake
  • Death by shuttle run – Starting with 3 shuttle runs to the 10 yard line and back. EMOM adding 1 additional rep each round. The entire group made it to 8, then finished 9 and 10 OYO.
  • Finished with some cool down laps

Strong work across the board for a smoker that brought back fond memories of 2-a-days in August
Please keep Whiplash and his family in your prayers in the loss of his father

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