Northeast Tennessee

Interval Training – Downtown Mile Prep

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Hill (Science Hill)

Temp was low 60’s.  21 PAX showed up for work, 9 IPCer’s (I think) and 12 runners.
TTT IC x 10

Abe Vigoda IC x 10

Willie Mays Hayes for a 10 count

Line up on the goal line for some dynamic warmups.  All to the 15 yard line and back.  High knees, butt kickers, power skips, karaoke.  Mosey lap around the track.
The Downtown Mile is coming up on 8/27.  Several PAX have run it in the past and a few may be running it.  One great way to improve your 1-mile time is through interval training, so that’s what we worked on.

  • 400m repeats.  Try to run the lap at the pace you are shooting for on a 1-mile run.
    • 5 min/mile 1:15 per lap, 6 min/mile 1:30 per lap, 7 min/mile 1:45 per lap, 8 min/mile 2:00 per lap, 9 min/mile 2:15 per lap, 10 min/mile 2:30 per lap, etc.
  • Run a 400 at your chosen pace.  Recover on the next 400, either walking or very slow mosey.
  • Repeat for ~30 minutes.
  • Fartlek ladder for remaining time
    • 30 secs fast/30 secs slow-ish x 2
    • 45 secs fast/45 secs slow-ish x 2
    • 60 secs fast/60 secs slow-ish x 2
    • 45 secs fast/45 secs slow-ish x 2
  • Time was called before we got all the way down the ladder.

No Mary.  Great work today.
Life is short.  Try not to get caught up in the small stuff.
Specifically prayed for Swingline’s 2.0 and for a little girl (Chloe) that we’ve been praying for in Kingsport.  She’s been fighting cancer for quite some time now and the family has shifted from fighting it to helping her check things off her bucket list.  Please keep them in your prayers.

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