Northeast Tennessee

Immortal Station 500

Jonesborough Immortal Station (Jonesborough) Northeast Tennessee

It was a perfect 65 degrees for a good ‘ole beatdown. 17 PAX showed up to run/bear crawl 2.5 miles and push through over 500 reps (540 to be exact) including the work put in during Warm-up. It was great to have two FNGs who may never come back due to the beatdown.

  • Bridge Lap
  • 10 X TTT
  • 40 X SSH
  • Bridge Lap
  • 10 ct each side WMH
  • 30 X MTN Climbers
  • Bear Crawl from Island to Island
  • 15 X LBAC
  • 20 X Bobbie Hurleys (these about killed me)
  • Bear Crawl from Island to Island
  • 15 X Abe Vigoda (technically it began as a windmill, but with correction from Honeysuckle it ended as an Abe Vigoda exercise).


The rules of engagement are as follows: (1) The flag must always be in front – if a PAX goes in front of the flag, 25 burpees; (2) The flag must always be carried by a new PAX after we leave each stop or 25 burpees; (3) The flag cannot fall – if it does, 25 burpees. The workout consisted of running and bear crawling throughout Jonesborough. All bridges required bear crawl. Below is a list of the locations we stopped at and the exercises done.

  • Corner Cup – 50 X Merkins
  • Courthouse – 50 X Dips and 50 Box Jumps or 50 Step Ups (L/R = 1)
  • JUMC – 50 X Plank Jacks
  • Red Caboose – 50 X Incline/Decline Shoulder Taps
  • Intersection after Red Caboose – 50 X Squats
  • Back on Main St. – 50 X Reverse Crunches
  • Top of the Hill on Main St. – 30 V-Ups/20 BBSU
  • Back to the AO – 50 Werkins or Diamond Merkins

Thanks to a few friendly PAX, we added 10 burpees to our beat down.

We did 50 Merkins!


Chaco is traveling to Iowa to help with Disaster Relief

Continue praying for Cluck’s dad. He is still recovering from sickness.
Leadership in its simplest forms is defined at INFLUENCE. Influence is defined as the use of power. As PAX, we are all placed in situations where we have influence. My challenge for our PAX today was to ask how we are using the opportunities of Influence in which we are placed. Let’s use those opportunities to encourage, build up, empower, and ultimately for positive outcomes.
IPC will continue on Fridays.

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