Northeast Tennessee

7 light poles

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Hill (Science Hill)


15 PAX total – 10 runners and 5 ruckers showed up for YHC first Q at the Hill.  Temp was 69 and humidity was high.


  • TTT IC 10
  • WMH R 10 sec, then L 10 sec
  • Mosey to Morningside Dr.

The Thang

From parking lot E on Morningside Dr. to the stop sign at Pactolas Rd are 7 light poles.  From the stop sign to the aquatic center sign on Pactolas Rd are 7 light poles.   PAX were instructed to run 7 light poles length descending down 1 light pole at a time beginning on Morningside Dr. and ascending on Pactolas Rd until they reached the 7th light pole on Pactolas Rd.   Rinse and repeat until time.

4 – 5+ miles logged for the group.

Announcements / Moleskin

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