Northeast Tennessee

4 Corners with a Little Suck

Jonesborough Immortal Station (Jonesborough) Northeast Tennessee

14 PAX rolled out of bed to better themselves at #immortal_station for 4 Corners with a Little Suck led by YHC! The humidity was high at 97%, but the stars were out and beautiful; especially from Corner 2 – Abs and Core!!!


The 4th corner includes some new burpee variations. So, used the COP as an opportunity to demo each movement.

  • Bat Wings (LBAC-Forward, LBAC-Backward, Seal Claps, Overhead Claps) – IC – 10
  • 1 – BOPO OYO
  • 1 – Yurpee OYO
  • 1 – Hand Release Prison Cell Merkin Burpee OYO
BOPO Burpee, One-Legged Burpee, Plank Jack, One-Legged Burpee (other leg).
Yurpee Merkin at bottom of burpee is a clap-merkin and on up portion there are 2 tuck jumps per burpee. Basically, a Clurpee with 2 tuck-jumps.
Hand Release Prison Cell Merkin Burpee Drop to Plank, do 1 Hand Release Merkin then bring your right knee in and back, do 1 Hand Release Merkin then bring your left knee in and back, do 1 Hand Release Merkin then bring both feet in and jump up = 1 HRPCMB complete.
  • Imperial Walkers – IC – 10
  • Hillbilly Walkers – IC – 10


4 Corners (4 light posts) around the parking lot are each assigned 4 exercises. The PAX start at one corner and do the first exercise with the assigned number of reps. Reps build with each new exercise.

    • Corner 1: Arms and Chest (10 Hand-Release Merkins, 15 Alt Shoulder Taps, 20 Merkins, 25 Dips)
    • Corner 2: Abs and Core (10 V-Ups, 15 Heels to Heaven, 20 LBCs, 25 Flutter Kicks (2:1)
    • Corner 3: Legs (10 Lunges, 15 Jump Squats, 20 Ballerina Toe Squats, 25 Monkey Humpers)
    • Corner 4: Suck (3 BOPO, 5 Yurpees, 7 Hand-Release Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpees, 15 Mike Tysons)
  • Round 1: Complete first exercise listed at corner 1 then mosey to corner 2. Complete first exercise at corner 2 then mosey to 3. Complete first exercise at corner 3 then mosey to 4. Complete first exercise at corner 4 then mosey back to corner 1. 
  • Round 2: Complete the first and second exercise at corner 1 then mosey making the same loop and complete the first two exercises at each corner.
  • Round 3: See above and complete the first three exercises at each corner. 
  • Round 4: Same as above adding the fourth exercise at each corner.

There are many time in our lives as husbands, fathers, sons, employees, employers that we face situations that can feel like they’re pushing us to the limits. By nature, we’re “fixers”. If there’s a problem, we want to step up, take care of it and move on. But that doesn’t always happen…

In Proverbs 3:5-6, we read “Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and lean not on your OWN understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him (God); and He WILL direct your paths.” (emphasis is mine)

These are verses many of us have heard and can probably quote. Yet, actions speak louder than words. Let’s remember that we need help; be it from our spouse, family, friends, coworkers and God.

IPC Week One starts on Friday!

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