Northeast Tennessee

Mobs, Riots, Jail, & Freedom

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

10 Pax made it out for a great workout.  We had four 2.0s today.  What a blessing!
Motivator from 5 – LBC – TTT – Willie Mays Hayes
Dora Style Workout–

First we became a MOB with our partner.  One partner Bernie Sanders up the hill and then one Decline Burpee at each tree on the way down.

  • M- Merkins with a Plank Jack – 50
  • O- Overhead Claps – 100
  • B- Big Boy Sit Ups – 150
  • S – Squats – 200

Now that we were officially a MOB, we decided to RIOT.  One partner Bear Crawled and Bernie Sanders while another partner

  • R- Rows on the Swings – 50
  • I – Imperial Walkers- 100
  • O- Overhead Claps – 100
  • T – Shoulder Touch – 100
  • S- Scissor Kicks – 100

Next we were thrown in jail and did a classic Jail House Workout.  Lung around the outside of your cell (parking space) and at each corner do 10 Mountain Climbers.

Thankfully, there was a person who had never broken the law who petitioned the judge for the freedom of all the PAX.  He went to jail and paid the price for our violation of the law by going to jail himself.  Since the punishment was paid by an innocent man, the judge set the PAX free!  The PAX turned around and ran free!
If this story does not hit home with you, please reach out, Id love to share how it has changed my life.

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