Northeast Tennessee

007 Redux (26)

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

7 PAX ventured to the Range on a 62 degree morning perfect for some moving.  Today’s 007-themed Q led by YHC paid homage to the upcoming 26th Bond film
Motivators from (00)7
Coupons were hoisted for a mosey to the second location for the warm-up: the steep hill by the tiered parking where the pax sprinted the hill and completed (00)7 burpees before returning to the bottom tier.
Pax completed a series of 26 exercises on three different tiers running between three stations.  A loop of 3 stations equaled a chalk mark by the pax name on the ground.  The goal was 7 complete rotations.

  • Tier 1, Station 1 with 1 exercise each round (26 curls, 26 OHP, 26 block rows)
  • Tier 3, Station 2 with 1 exercise each round (26 merkins, 26 v-ups, 26 squats)
  • Tier 2, Station 3 with 1 exercise each round (26 LBCs, 26 lunges, 26 overhead claps)

All pax completed 7 rounds with Subprime and Chum completing 9.

No time
Coming out at 5:30 a.m. when you don’t want to get out of bed is as much about pushing yourself to get better as it is about pushing the other guys.  Once you’re in the work, it’s worth the time and energy to do the hardest part:  show up.
-Opportunity for some work at the old Ashley Academy as the Jerimiah School plans to move in (9 a.m. on Saturday)
-Get on the Q for October!

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