Northeast Tennessee

10-10-10 Ways to keep the PAX together

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

It was a cloudy but perfect 62 degree morning in the gloom for 12 PAX to shed some sweat.  And yes 7 of the 12 were gray enough to earn Respect!

The dangerous dozen who dragged themselves Out of bed:

3mile, Sugar, Cold Call, Quicken, He Haw, Cricket, Gold Dust, Twilight, Crampon, Precious, Cardinal (FNG), and Chum

The Warmup

The Motivator from 6  (after a bit of a counting Lesson for the Q master)

Through The Tunnel X 10

The Merkin X 20

Abe Vigoda X 10

Imperial Walker X 20


I’ve been thinking about this awhile, how to create a workout that keeps us together without keeping some waiting or rushing anyone... Here’s my best shot.

We started at one end of large oval at founders park and mosey around the loop stopping at each end to do exercises.

These exercise include 10 Merkins, 10 LBC’s, 10 Flutter Kicks (2 legs =1), then recycle the list of 3 exercises over and over until the six arrives at which point someone yells “6” at which point we all start back at the beginning of the list (wherever we were) and each do 10 of the three exercises, before moving on to run to other end of loop where this is all repeated.

We did this to complete the large loop 2 times stopping five times to do exercises.

Next Mosey to Tombstone Hill

Pick a Buddy – One runs to top of hill, doing three Burpees at the top while the other works on the following exercises until the hill-runner returns, picking up the count wherever it got to.

And they switch places with person just exercising now running the hill and person just running the hill now exercising.

100 Plank Jack Merkins

150 American Hammers (2 sides =1 )

200 Imperial Walkers (2 sides = 1)

Those that finish early help others complete their counts.

Mosey to King Commons

Again we do the 10-10-10 counts of exercises as described running the loop above. And since there is such as nice wall here we took advantage of it:

We started with

• Decline Merkins X 10

• Dips X 10

• Wall jumps X 10 (Or Step ups X 10, R+L =1)

Then we ran towards the library until we got to a road, where did three Burpees and then ran back to the wall doing 10 decline merkins, 10 dips, 10 wall jumps or step ups, and repeating this cycle of three exercise until the six arrive at which point someone yells out “6”, and we all reset ourselves back to the beginning of the three exercises (wherever we were in our personal counts) and do 10 more of each, then resume running again.

OK, so after doing the above 3-4 times it started to get late so…

Indian File Run from King Commons Back to far end of Founders Park

Well, what do you know, still four minutes left so time for running one more big loop, stopping to Al Gore for the six at each end, with 20 merkins at far end, and 20 LBC’s at parking lot end.


New member of F3 told us about himself:

FNG Mike Lature nicknamed  Cardinal    Welcome!

As always, I am very blessed to be a part of this great group of Men, now for over four years, hard to believe.  This has made a Huge impact on my life. Thanks All!
Yes, I think there were some, sorry, I can’t recall the details…

And Much fun was had by all….

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