Northeast Tennessee

Murder Bunnies Rule

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

Roughly 60 degrees out with rain.  9 PAX showed up ready to work so they could shake the damp chill.
SSH IC x 20

Block Merkins IC x 10

LBAC’s IC Forward x 10

LBAC’s IC Reverse x 10

Chinooks IC x 10

Shoulder Pretzel’s IC x 10

Mosey with coupon to the football field.
The IPC offered some good boot camp options this year and YHC thought it was prudent to introduce the PAX to the Murder Bunny.  The football field was marked off with cones in 25 yard increments.

  • Start on the goal line with 10 burpee lateral jumps over the block.  Each jump is one rep.
  • Murder bunny to the first cone (25 yards).  A murder bunny is basically bending over with hands on the block, hop forward, and once landed pick up the block and move it as far forward as you can reach, then repeat.
  • At 25 yards complete 25 squat thrusters with the coupon.
  • Return to the goal line with your coupon however you would like to carry it.
  • Start again at 10 burpee lateral jumps over the block.  Then murder bunny to the 50 yard line.
  • Complete 50 offset merkins on the block.  So, left hand on the ground, right hand up on the block, do a merkin, then transition to the other side of the block so that the right hand is on the ground and left hand is up on the block, and do a merkin.  That is 1 rep.  Do 50, or a total of 100 if you count each side.
  • Return to the goal line with your coupon however you would like to carry it.
  • 10 burpees, murder bunny 75 yards, complete 75 coupon curl overhead press.  So standard curl, but at the top of the curl push up for an overhead press.
  • Carry back to the goal line.
  • 10 burpees, murder bunny to the opposite goal line, put block on the ground standing upright and get on your 6.  100 windshield wipers.  Start with both feet on one side of the block and move them both up and over the block, and down to the ground on the other side.  That is 1 rep.  Back and forth to 100.
  • Carry back to the goal line and finish with 10 burpees.

No time for Mary.
YHC is fairly moleskinless.  I haven’t been very present at Wilderness Road with Covid stuff going on due to work schedule changes.  The guys are doing an awesome job encouraging one another and staying on it over there.  I shared that it brought me encouragement to see it running like a well oiled machine.
Hardship Hill this weekend.  Good luck to those racing!

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