Northeast Tennessee

Floorboard Q

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Beautiful morning for 6 PAX to get a great workout in before we watch the Vols beat up on Missouri!  Since no one was on the Q, I pulled some old Q papers from my floorboard in my car and recycled them for a Q
LBC – Motivator from 5 – Willie Mays Hayes – TTT
We had papers with two exercise on them at 10 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards, 45 yards, 60 yards and 75 yards.   Do a burpee and bear craw to first mark, do exercise, sprint to opposite end zone and mozey back to start.  Do one burpee and bear crawl to the second mark, do exercises, sprint to opposite end zone and mozey back to start, repeat until finished then start again and do the second exercise on the sheet the second round.

  • 15 Freddie Mercury each leg/ 20 Boat Canoe
  • 30 Squats/15 Hillbilly Walkers Each Leg
  • 20 Ski Abs/ 15 Peter Parker Each Leg
  • 15 Catalina Wine Mixers/20 Merkins
  • 30 In and Out/20 Bobby Hurley
  • 30 Big Boy Sit Ups/30 American Hammer

When finished each Pax would have bear crawled 480 yards (a little over a quarter mile!)/ Sprinted 720 yards/ and Mozeyed 1200 yards!


Circle Up and all PAX held an Al Gore while first PAX did one burpee and went back into an Al Gore, when finished the next PAX did one burpee and around the circle.  Then 2 burpees and then 3 burpees.

15 Flutter Kicks, 15 HTH, and 15 LBC all IC

30 Second Plank

Pray for our nation, our leaders, and those running for office.

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