Northeast Tennessee

He’s Got Legs

Jonesborough Immortal Station (Jonesborough) Northeast Tennessee

It was a little cool, but YHC was a little heated. I may or may have not got confused where the AO was going to be held. 56 pax decided to get better and came to work.
Warm up lap
TTT x10
The Motivator from 7
Mericans x10

Mosey to the speed humps on main drag of Jonesborough. 60 Seconds of monkey humps as the traffic slows down to go over the speed humps. After the mention of police showing up, we moseyed back to the library parking lot.

Stand By Your Man
Partner up. One does Mericans and the other stands next doing squats. flapjack every 10 count to 200. Should finish with 100 of each exercise.
Next BBSU and Lunges

Wilt Chamberlains
100 LBC run 100 yards, 100 squats run 100 yards back, 100 2 count Flutterkicks run 100 yards, 100 Lunges run 100 yards

With time remaining on the clock the Hill called to us to finish of some legs.
4 rounds of up the hill
Run up 10 Monkey Humpers walk down
Bernie up 10 Monkey Humpers walk down
High Knees/Skip up 10 Monkey humpers walk down
Pax choice up 10 Monkey Humpers walk down

circle up, on your 6, feet out side the circle, 45 degrees off the ground
One at a time a pax gets up goes around the circle pushing the feet to the graound. Pax try to resist and hold them up. Continue until everyone has a chance to get up and push feet down.

Fall Convergence Immortal Station Oct. 24th

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