Northeast Tennessee


Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Just about perfect morning. Cool and clear.


PRAYER—Broke tradition as a matter of principle


There was a time in my F3 life where I thought the slaughter starter was funny and hard core—nah. Not anymore.

  • SSH (10 IC)
  • Merkin (5 IC)
  • TTT (10 IC)
  • Slow Squat (5 IC)
  • Imperial Walker (10 IC)

Mosey to the playground

Three 5 round couplets with a 5/10 rep scheme:

  • Couplet 1: 5 pull-ups | 10 block/bag swings
  • Couplet 2: 5 box jumps | 10 decline  merkins
  • Couplet 3: 5 thrusters | 10 burpee over block/bag

Coming off training for the 50K, I’m missing gears 4 and 5—a lot of running but not very dynamic and not very intense (from a cardio perspective). The workout was intended to start working the top register again, with dynamic/compound movements. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I hit gears 4 & 5 with the burpees over the bag.  

Mosey back to track.


  • American Hammers (or was it flutter kicks…) 20 IC
  • Plank (45 sec hold)
  • Flutter kicks (for real) 20 IC



YHC has been reading Bonhoeffer, Life Together—written while Bonhoeffer  taught at seminary. One section of the book caught my attention. Bonhoeffer comments on how believers should always come together in the early morning hours for communal worship—noting that the night and darkness are largely representative of fear, evil, and death. However, with the breaking of the sun and the dawn of a new day, we should celebrate. The dawn of a new day is symbolic of Jesus’s victory over death and brings life and opportunity. Contemplating this section of text, in someways that’s what we are doing in F3, although not in overtly religious manner (although it may be for some). We are coming together as men and as a community to welcome the new day. Recognizing that each day is an opportunity to be just a little bit better today than we were yesterday—physically, but it also spills over into other areas of life. It’s an opportunity to invest in others, starting at home and extending out into those we interact with on a daily basis. I’ve not been very good at that lately. I’m trying to do better. Yesterday doesn’t define us, but today does.

Convergence at Immortal Station.

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