Northeast Tennessee

A Dabble with Murder Bunnies

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

High 30s as 12 PAX came to embrace the morning. Most of the day was on the field, nicely spread out.



SSH IC x20

Begin a warmup lap around the track stopping at various points to complete the following:

  • Abe Vigoda IC x10
  • WMH IC x 5 (bounce with me)
  • Imperial Walkers IC x15
  • Shoulder pretzels

Line up across the goal line with your coupon.  Proceed to the opposite end of the field, completing a series of exercises.  Mosey back to the start and repeat.  Reps for each exercise for the round were 5,10,15,20…

  • Goal line – Lateral Burpees (over the block)
    • Murder Bunny to the 25yd line
  • 25 yd line – Block Curls
    • Murder Bunny to the 50 yd line
  • 50 yd line – Squat Thrusters (leave block here)
    • Mosey to 75yd line
  • 75 yd line – Heels to Heaven
    • Mosey to 100 yd line
  • 100 yd line – American Hammers IC
    • Mosey to wall
  • At the wall – Mike Tysons
    • Mosey back to start, picking up block along the way

I think all PAX made it to the round of 20 reps

No time
Regardless of the outcome of the election, if you’re person wins or loses, we all still wake up the next day and continue to live our lives.  Be nice, be compassionate.

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