Northeast Tennessee

Murder Bunnie and More

Gray The Underground (Daniel Boone HS) Northeast Tennessee Johnson City

Cool, crisp, clear 42-degree morning with 4 Pax making the hard decision to get out of the fartsack.
DISCLAIMER  – Not a Professional, modify as needed 
Motivator from 6 – IC

WMH- LR – 10 count

TTT – 10 IC

LBACs (Front and back), Moroccon Nightclubs, seal claps, overhead claps, chinooks, Air press (IC x 10 for all, Air press – IC x 25)

Warm-up Lap: slow jog, High knees, butt kickers, 3/4 pace, and all you got
5 stations: Stations 1-3 were spaced approximately 20 yards apart starting at the grass hill at the entrance to the track, then station 4 was at the bottom of the bleachers and station 5 was at the top of the bleachers. Rinse and repeat 4 times. Finish with a cool-down lap around the track.

  • Station 1: Murder bunnies up the hill at the entrance to Underground, then block drag back down (audible called after round 1. Block carry back down)
  • Station 2: Abs (20 reps of Pax choice)
  • Station 3: 10 merkins of Pax choice
  • Station 4: 5 box jumps
  • Station 5: 15 dips

Merkin ring of fire – Pax hold plank while each does increasing reps starting from 1. We got through 5 reps each, then on rep 6 transitioned to Carolina Dry Docks. Hold AL Gore for the remainder of the time.
S’mores run this Saturday and Speedway in Lights run this Sunday.

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