Northeast Tennessee

Arrowhead hates running

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

The rain broke just before it was time to get rolling on a soggy 58 degree morning. 12 PAX were kind enough to grace YHC with their presence after a lengthy hiatus from the Q. Based on the No Excuses November challenge currently underway, YHC was quite aware that the boys of Arrowhead hate running. Not much running in today’s Q.
TTT – 10 IC

Imperial Walker – 15 IC

LBAC – 10 IC and then reverse 10 IC

Merkin – 10 IC

Slow squat – 10 IC
YHC didn’t want to intimidate the PAX of Arrowhead with too much cardio so one cone was placed on the track behind the goalpost just next to the road. 6 other cones were lined up on the track approximately 10 yards apart beginning at the flag. Simple workout. Start at the cone next to the flag, perform all the reps plus 20 block presses. Run to the cone behind the goal post and perform 10 burpees. Run back to the starting cone and perform all the reps once again plus 20 block presses. Then move on to the next cone doing all the reps at that cone. Run back to the cone behind the goalpost stopping to offer 20 more block presses at the starting cone. Gutterball shared that the 20 block presses was the “toll” for passing the cone. Continue this cycle progressively moving on to each cone until time was called. Reps were:

  • 10 merkins
  • 10 squats
  • 10 BBSU
  • **210 total reps if you completed all rounds

Great work from all the PAX!


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