Northeast Tennessee

A Tradition Unlike Any Other

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

Hello friends and welcome to Friday at the Range. Weather was great. Course received some sprinkles yesterday. 2 foursomes were trying to make the cut.
Driving Range: Mosey to Skate park to start our round.
Using Tiger Woods’ 1997 Scores for the Masters Tournament the PAX moseyed on a course around campus doing a mixture of exercises such as Merkins, LBCs, V-UPs, Burpees, Apolo Onos, Hillybilly Walkers, Imperial Walkers, HR Merkins, Freddy Mercury’s, American Hammers, Seal Jacks, Boat/Canoe, Calf Raises, Incline/Decline Merkins, Dips, Box Jumps, WWI Situps, BBSUs, Reverse Crunches, Squats, Squat Jumps, Lunges etc. (PAX had the pleasure of doing punishment Burpees b/c YHC dropped the flag, but it allowed me not to have to carry it again so playing the long game). Plan was to play 18 holes, but due to time constraints we finished on 16 for 5 mins. of MARY.


  • 10 Flutter kicks (YHC)
  • 10 LBCs (YHC)
  • Sweat Humpers (Sweat Angels except on your 12) (Coldcall)
  • Elevators (Subprime)
  • 1 min Plank (Rite Aid)

Stay safe. Also listen to your bodies during this running challenge and take the necessary rest days. Injuries can put you out for a while. Also great to get Shepherd back from the injured list.
Range had 2 open Qs Turkey Week, but some strong PAX claimed them! Keep logging those miles if able.

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