Northeast Tennessee

Polar Bear 12s

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

9 PAX got out of their toasty fart sacks (some earlier than others) and decided to get better this morning. Temperature reached a crisp 27 degrees with a breathtaking breeze to make it feel 12 degrees on the Range with a blanket of snow lurking in the Gloom.
Motivators from 6

Sticking with a Range tradition that a Polar Bear Crawl must take place when snow is present but this time added a YHC twist by “sledding” back down the hill on our 6 because it’s CSAUP and fun.

From the main Range parking lot we moseyed with our Coupon of choice up CTE Hill, across the parking lot and over to the Little Track for our THANG. YHC thought it would be a fun twist to do 12’s (b/c it is December) instead of the traditional 11’s. Sets were 10/2, 9/3, 8/4…etc. with each completion of a 12 having either 1 lap around the little track or 2 laps depending on if it was an odd or even Round. Rounds were as follows:

  • Round 1: Bench Press & Dips
  • Round 2: Curls (for the Girls) & Triceps Extensions
  • Round 3: Bent Over Rows & Kettle Bell Swings
  • Round 4: V-Ups & Derkins
  • Round 5: Overhead Press & American Hammers
  • Round 6: Freddy Mercury & Boat/Canoes

Time ran out during Round 6 or 5 for the PAX as we had to venture back to home base.

LBCs while waiting on the 6 and for last minute before COT
Someone said this way more profound than YHC is going to say this, but the premise of the quote is to be 3rd. Placing God & others in front of yourself is a selfless and serving way to go about life.
(Mumble Chatter: Please turn to page 3 of your bulletin) TClaps for the Range on earning Best Legs in the NETN No Excuse November Regional Competition. AOQ will be sending out a Google Docs for input on the Q for the other regional AOs to embrace the suck (coming to you in some type of  Slack communication).

Jar-Jar is collecting donations to go to Second Harvest, as a tribute to our Nantan’s father passing, as it was a cause close to his heart while with us.

Range will be closed 1/1/21 to venture over to Arrowhead for the Murph workout and YHC has a 3 week training plan for Friday, Sunday & Tuesday workouts to help prepare you for this unique challenge. See the Range slack channel for this training plan.

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