Northeast Tennessee

A 4th Birthday with F3

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

Glad to be here to celebrate another beautiful morning, now more than 4 years worth since first finding F3 after a Farm-to-Table dinner at Founders Park in August 2016.



Side Straddle Hop x 58…  Ok got that age thing over with

Through the tunnel x 15

Merkins X 20

Abe Vigoda X 15

Imperial  Walkers X 12


Mosey up parking lot towards Tech Building Hill, but no, we are not really headed there, instead turn back and head to bottom of Church Driveway

Make a loop with three stops

Stop 1 Bottom of drive   20 Hand Release Merkins

Stop 2 Top of drive          20 LBC’s

Crawl Bear down grassy hill

Stop 3 Bottom of grassy hill      20 Imperial Walkers – 4 count

Plank till six is here

Rinse and repeat x 3 – The loop above with 3 stops

Time to move on. Mosey across The Range Parking lot and cross entrance road as IF we are heading towards Skateboard Park to Fake you out,

BUT INSTEAD make a left turn and then a sudden left up the grassy hill and back to…

Bottom of Tech Building Hill

Choose a partner

Team does:

100 Plank Jack Merkins

150 American Hammers

200 LBC’s

1 Partner works on exercises on bottom while other runs hill with 4 Burbees at the Top

Mosey again

Looking Like going to Small, Incorrectly built track, But instead we run past it and to the Benches at corner of 9th grade building drop off.

As Teams, one partner exercises while other runs around track

100 Dips

150 step ups

Mosey around new gym then

down Tech building hill, back to Range parking lot


Where we just have time to do some Mary and everybody gives me an exercise for a gift.

LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, and more

Meet the returning Ruckers; Shepard, Culture Club, and Twilight


First Point

Tried to make today a bit unpredictable. Just like most of our lives are today. We are thrown things we don’t expect and couldn’t plan for almost every day now, some stressing every fiber of our existence.  Point today is that we have to make the best of each situation we have been given.  God has a plan for us and good can be found in almost anything we have been given to deal with.  Our attitude in how we accept this challenge is what helps us find the good and make it great.

Second Point

Today is here. We have it. It is the only day we can be sure of. Make something of it. Our kids and family won’t care about the titles or money we earned 20 or 30 years from now.  They will remember how much we cared for them, how much we listened to them, how much we spent time with them. We know God has a great future planned for us when our days on earth are done, so this is not a message to make us sad, but just to not squander what God has blessed us with now.

Thanks for coming to celebrate my B-day Q.  Enjoyed your singing Shepard!

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