Northeast Tennessee

12 Days of Christmas

Jonesborough Immortal Station (Jonesborough) Northeast Tennessee

(If you can read this with a messed up Cadence, it rhymes….just to remind us of those perfectly cadenced trunk twisters)…12 merry men braved the cold, there were 12 days of Christmas, with stories to be told. Lots of mumble chatter could be heard with many a word. And all those nice legs, although covered, how absurd…but alas, they were from the range….of course they were strange… 😉 Your welcome!

Diclaimer – Prayer – COP- Warm up – 

IC – 12 SSH

IC – 12 LBAC

IC(?) – 12 truck twisters

IC –  12 TTT

The Thang – 12 days of Christmas

Start at the bottom, work your way upend down ….just like the song…but sadly no one sang:(

12 Block Curls

11 Tricep Dips

10 Lords a Lunging (2/1)

9 LBCs

8 Jump Squats

7 V – Ups

6 Squats with Blocks

5 Perfect Merkins

4 Super Mans

3 Block Burpees

2 Overhead Presses

1 Run we call the Bridge Lap

Rinse and repeat, but opposite – bonus points if you sing each day “….my favorite Q gave to me….”


Round the circle, 45 degree, something like the Guantanamo, but pushing feet down… let’s do it one more time!!!! wait, one more time…and again….

COT – #- video log

Ez 7:10 – For Ezra had devoted himself to the studying Gods Word, Doing God’s word, and teaching God’s Word…. what would be written about you? 

time for announcements – Murph coming up…

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