Northeast Tennessee

Ironhorse Pays Back The Range

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)


COP – Sugar

5 PAX gathered to pay tribute to the PAX from The Range who ran 1,080 miles in November and created a beatdown for the other AOs to complete in December.

Warm Up

Motivators from 8

Imperial Walkers IC x 18

Monkey Humpers IC x 18

Apollo Onos IC x 10

Mosey to far end of Founder’s Park

The Thang

Burpees x 10

8 ct. Man makers x 10

Founder’s Park lap

Gauntlets – YHC modified this from the original to include 5 reps.

  • Bent over row x 5
  • Kettlebell swings x 5
  • Curls x 5
  • Squat w/ coupon x 5
  • OHP x 5
  • Squat w/ coupon x 5
  • Murder bunny x 5
  • Rinse and repeat until traveled a total distance of 60 yards

Burpees x 10

Mosey to Tombstone Hill

Everest (2 lunges forward followed by a squat) up to the 3rd light pole then Lt. Dan (4 lunge:1 squat ascending rep counts) until reach the 4th light pole at the top of the hill

Mosey back to amphitheater for Mary

Mary – Boat Canoe x 18 then time ran out

Announcements  – None


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