Northeast Tennessee

An Early Christmas To Ironhorse

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)


COP – Sugar

A chilly 25 degree morning didn’t keep 7 PAX from getting out of bed and from putting in some work to stay warm.  YHC will be out of town all next week and wanted to give Ironhorse an early Christmas

Warm Up

Motivators from 7

Abe Vigoda IC x 10

Slow squat IC x 10

LBAC forward IC x 10

Mosey lap around Founder’s Park

Flying Nuns OYO x 10

The Thang

Mosey to top of Tombstone Hill for 2 BOPOs

Lap around block to Wild Wings

11s with BBSUs and Merkins.  Cross the street with flying nuns in between exercises.

Lap around the Pavilion and back to Wild Wings

Pair up for Lazy DORA using the wall at Wild Wings.  Partner 1 wall sits while Partner 2 performs exercises.  Flapjack until the total reps completed as a team.

  • 50 Mike Tysons then lap around block with Bernie Sanders up Tombstone Hill
  • 100 Chicken Peckers then lap around the block with Lt. Dans up Tombstone Hill
  • 150 London Bridge

Mosey back for Mary called out by PAX


  • Flutter Kicks by 3Mile
  • Boat/Canoe by Precious
  • Box Cutters by Cold Call


  • Prayer for Matlock’s daughter who had surgery yesterday and for Donatello who was at the ER this morning
  • Hee Haw has Q on Tuesday, but the rest of Q calendar is open


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