Northeast Tennessee

Twelve Intervals of Christmas

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

10 pax for a 12 days of Christmas themed Q with a good but of running.  Weather 28ish degrees, dry and clear.  This is how it went down…

  • SSH x 25IC
  • HW x 15 IC
  • IW x 15 IC
  • Slow Squat x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC

YHC explained the rules.  12 exercises to complete at different stopping points around the AO.  During every mosey, intervals of 30 seconds sprint/hard run followed by 30 seconds of slow run.  Rinse and repeat until reach destination.  Faster pax run back to the six during the slow mosey to keep the group together.

Stops at skate park, corner of Pactolas and LB Blvd, Freedom Hall plaza, and track

  • 12 – HR Merkins
  • 11 – Mountain Climbers IC 1-2-3-1, 1-2-3-2, etc
  • 10 – Jump Squats
  • 9 – BBSUs
  • 8 – Prisoner Squats
  • 7 – LBCs IC
  • 6 – Merkins
  • 5 – Lunges (R+L=1)
  • 4 – Heels to Heaven IC
  • 3 – Plank Jacks IC
  • 2 – Carolina Dry Docks IC
  • 1 – Burpee and burpees for the six

Did a little yoga inspired Mary that resembled slow Freddy Mercurys at some points.

Finished with 10 merkins IC.  YHC logged 2.4 miles
Check out the app PAI Health to get a feel for your cardiovascular health.  Prayers for Yogi as he preps for his course retake next Tuesday.
Sing up for the Murph if you haven’t already.

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