Northeast Tennessee

Circle of Pain

Gray The Underground (Daniel Boone HS) Northeast Tennessee

3 PAX gathered for an after Christmas workout.
TTT X 10

WMH L/R x 10

Abe Vigoda X 11

Imperial Walkers x 11

LBAC Forward/Reverse x 11

Medley of Merkins- Standard Merkin (x 10), Wide Merkin (x 9), Prime Time Merkin (x 8), Hand Release Merkin (x 7), Carolina Dry Docks (x 6), Diamond Merkin (x 5), Travolta Merkin (x 4), Superman Merkin (x 3), Hand Staggered Merkin (x 2), Chuck Norris Merkin (x 1)

Low, slow Squats x 10

Mosey to the baseball field parking lot for Circle of Pain.  Cones arranged in a circle and each labeled with an exercise and # of reps.  After completing the reps at the cone, take a lap around the circle before rotating to the next cone.

Exercises were as follows:  30 Squats; 20 Merkins; 10 American Hammers (L/R=1); 10 Alt. Should Taps; 10 Squat Thrusters; 10 Jump Squats; 20 Flutter Kicks (4 ct); 15 Gas Pumps; 15 Leg Lifts; 10 Overhead Tricep Extensions; 30 LBC’s; 15 V-Ups; 10 Block Jumps (front to back & side to side); 15 Overhead Press; 15 Curls; 10 Kettlebell Swings/Rows; 10 High Pulls; Bear Crawl 5 Parking Spaces then Crawl Bear back; Lunge Walk 5 parking spaces and back; 15 Carolina Dry Docks; Run to Pull-up bars and do 10 pull-ups/leg tucks and 10 dips; Broad Jump 5 Parking Spaces; Tire Flips- 5 parking spaces and back; Bernie Sanders 5 Parking Spaces and back; 15 PAX Choice.

Ripcord finished within the time allowed and the other two went a few minutes into overtime to finish the circle.

No Time

Jar Jar’s Wife not feeling well

Those impacted by COVID

Friday, January 1st- Murph at Arrowhead- signup sheet can be found on Slack

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