Northeast Tennessee

C-ya 2020

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

8 PAX came out to The Range to say adios to 2020 on a coldish (Chum & Subprime both started discarding garments early on) start to the 365th day of 2020.  
We moseyed up to the flat parking lot via the Beanie Route. Because it was discovered during 2020 that Whiplash has never watched the classic movie Top Gun, our warmup was the DANGER ZONE exercise which is SSH pausing to do a Squat every time Kenny Loggins sings “Danger Zone” then continuing with SSH until the next rendition of “Danger Zone” is sung (19 squats and 3:30 of movement) to get the blood pumping.
We then completed the Beanie Route mosey to the 3 tiered parking lot to do some running (b/c this is the Range and we have the best legs) and exercises with our friendly coupons with each month with, of course, 20 reps plus some figure 8s. Also since YHC had the handy bluetooth speaker today, decided to play a medley of 8 tracks (Whiplash probably has heard of those) to bring Moneypenny back to his teenage years (80’s Cardio via Pandora). 

  • January – 20 Curls (for the girls) & 1/2 Figure 8
  • February – 20 Squats w/ Coupon & 1 Figure 8
  • March – 20 Coupon V-Ups & 1 1/2 Figure 8s
  • April – 20 Dips & 2 Figure 8s
  • May – 20 Manmaker Merkins & 1/2 Figure 8
  • June – 20 Rows & 1 1/2 Figure 8s
  • July – 20 Triceps Extensions & 2 Figure 8s
  • August – 20 Derkins & 1/2 Figure 8
  • September – 20 Burpees (yes we did Burpees at The Range)
  • Time was called before we could get to October – December (Kettlebell Swings, OH Presses, & Gauntlets)

Mosey back to The Parking Lot planking on the 006 to return (granted he was carrying the flag & coupon)  (yes Honeysuckle The Range does carry the flag with them when they mosey)
Thankful for finding F3 after moving to Johnson City this summer and for the PAX of The Range and NETN for welcoming me in. 2020 has been a trying year, but although we may or may not see it yet, He has a plan for this hardship to be used to Glorify His Kingdom. 
Yogi passed his Physical Fitness test and is fully commissioned – T Claps for Yogi. Murph 1/1/21 @ Arrowhead – sign up sheet is in slack (Range will be closed to attend that event), Look at the 1stF channel for Cheeks’ Timed January Challenge. 

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