Northeast Tennessee

Even Better On Monday

TIME:  0530 TEMP:  31F DISCLAIMER PRAYER COP SSHx45IC   Liked doing SSH on a giant wet sponge. SQUATSx20IC  (3 count hold) LUNGE JUMPS x20 (single count) oyo CALF RAISES x20IC MERKINS x10IC MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS x20IC tore up the ground.  Moved to side walk for remainder of warm up CAROLINA DRYDOCKS x10IC

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Four Corner Solute!

TIME:  0700 TEMP:  66F DISCLAIMER PRAYER COP Merkins x10IC Motivators from 10 TTT x10IC Willie Mayes Hayes x10IC LBAC x15IC Cherry Pickers x15IC Cherry Droppers x15IC LBAC x15IC in reverse Indian Run (2 Laps around the track) THE THANG Four Corners (cones at the bends) Merkins  (Single Count) Big Boy

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Shepard’s Return

TIME: 0530 TEMP:  62F DISCLAIMER PRAYER COP Warmup SSH x40IC Merkins x15IC Peter Parkers x20IC American Hammers x20IC Little Baby Side Crunshes x10IC each side Squats x20IC (3 count hold) Lunges x15IC LBAC x15IC and reverse THE THANG PARTNER WORKOUT #1 PAX#1: Good runners go to the Metal Thingy and

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