Northeast Tennessee

F 36

On Sat. October 28, 2017, twenty men gathered for Coldcall’s VQ at Ironhorse.  Like a Sesame Street episode, this workout had a letter and a number theme.  F was the letter of the day…for FANTASTIC.  And 36 was the number, in honor of Coldcall’s upcoming 36th birthday.  The number 36

The 1980s called… They want their mixtape back!

When:  10/17/2017 QIC:  Brownie The PAX:  Kardashian, Twilight, Cold Call, Manny (FNG), Shepherd, Balk, Pythagoras, Road Block, Swingline, Sleepy, Cooter, Penn-Seagal, Red Card, and Brownie. Weather:  Unseasonably cold, 39 degrees F COP – Brownie Disclaimer Warmup Lunges x10 IC Imperial Walkers x10 IC SLOW Squats x10 IC Hillbilly Walkers x20 IC The