Northeast Tennessee

An Ode to Trolley

8 PAX, perfect fatman weather, good mumble chatter DISCLAIMER PRAYER COP 30x SSH IC 10x Yurpee OYO THE THANG Ruck various items including 2 truck tires, 115# brute bag, 115# brute ball mosey to wall, wall sit to jingle bells mosey to dead man’s crossing, 5x yurpee mosey to stairs,

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11/28 EMOM

35* on Thanksgiving morning with many PAX fartsacking. Only 3 brave souls. Little Debbie QIC. DISCLAIMER PRAYER COP Mosey to band field 100 Yards Build-a-burpee (10yds, Squat, 10yds, Merkin, 10yds, Jump Squat…) Run back 100 yards 100 Yards Build-a-burpee Mosey to bus stop THE THANG EMOM repeated for four rounds

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