Northeast Tennessee

DDay Q- Wilderness Rd

4 PAX, humid and foggy…appropriate DISCLAIMER PRAYER COP -The COP began with a reading of Eisenhower’s letter to troops about Operation Overlord -PAX did a quick mosey THE THANG PAX remembered the events of D-Day in roughly the order of events -3 rounds of BOMBS to remember the pre-invasion bombing

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Killer B’s 6/2/20

8 Pax Great Weather DISCLAIMER PRAYER COP It happened THE THANG Combination of Bernie Sanders, Bear Crawls, Burpees Johnny Dramas – thrown in as well for good measure MARY No Time CIRCLE OF TRUST PRAYER MOLESKIN ALL ARE EQUAL – Just Love People ANNOUNCEMENTS Daisy RETURNS 1ST Wed Breakfast at

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Snakes and Ladders

9 of Wilderness Road’s finest arrived at the AO expecting a Q from Osmosis but YHC had grabbed the opportunity the night before. A perfect 65 degree morning was ideal for optimal sweat. DISCLAIMER PRAYER COP TTT – 10 IC Imperial Walker – 15 IC LBAC – 10 IC and

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