Northeast Tennessee

Hero WOD Action

~55 degrees, 10 PAX, the rain had moved on out. DISCLAIMER PRAYER COP SSH x 20 IC Willie Mays Hays 10 count, both sides twice Hillbilly Walkers x 10 IC Dynamic warmups consisting of high knees and butt kickers THE THANG Zachary Tellier WOD.  A great total body WOD.  Zachary

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12 Days of Christmas 12/10/19

Insert optional info about the weather, number of pax, etc. DISCLAIMER PRAYER COP Insert information about the warmup. THE THANG Insert information about the workout. Sometimes bulleted lists are handy. MARY Insert information about any additional post-THANG work (if applicable). CIRCLE OF TRUST PRAYER MOLESKIN Insert any personal comments, notes,

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