Northeast Tennessee


9 PAX for a football themed thang at Arrowhead. Beautiful 61 degree Saturday! #Gutterball #PBS #Jake #Jobs #Matlock #Duece #Barrone #Banks #OhYeah!  DISCLAIMERPRAYERCOPAll Warm-Ups done in sets of 7 (Touchdown!) Motivator from 7 TTT Imperial Walker Hillbilly Walker Merkins Willie Mays Hayes THE THANGSetting: Football field. Instructions:1. Start at the


BackBlast for 9/22/2020: It was a crisp clear morn’ to do some travelin’ work. 10 PAX in attendance: Hot Sauce, BoPeep, Trolley, Jamboree, Tenderfoot, Mayfly, Cricket, Yukon, StorageWars and Brainfreeze. DISCLAIMER PRAYER COP Sidestraddle hops,  Abe Vigodas, Thru the Tunnel, Short mosey, Arm Circles THE THANG Approximately 1.2 mile route,