Northeast Tennessee

Recycled Q

A cool, crisp 38 degrees this morning. 16 PAX rolled out of bed to get better DISCLAIMER PRAYER COP As always, we performed a slaughter started.  YHC had a moment of empathy on the PAX and modified to only 10 burpees. Through the Tunnel (IC) -10 Willie Mays Hays –

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Sandbag hell

4 doods worked out. DISCLAIMER COP We warmed up. Did some stuff THE THANG Upcycled from September 2018, another partner workout greeted the pax. Here’s what went down: SET 1 15 Running burpees OYO. Then, Partner A does 4 suicide sprints between the 4 light poles. Partner B does AMRAP

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PAX: 14 Weather: low 60s and perfect DISCLAIMER PRAYER COP Slaughter Starter Willie Mays Hays: 10 count to each side Each PAX shouldered their coupon and mosey to skate park THE THANG 11’s With coupons positioned at the entrance of the skate park, YHC laid out the routine. The 2

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