Northeast Tennessee

N0 Man L3ft 8ehind in the Iron Valley

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)


Wet and rainy, #SomeMayDrown




  • Motivator starting at 3
  • Little baby arm circles IC 15
  • In reverse IC 15
  • Motivator starting at 3
  • Imperial walkers IC 15
  • Hillbilly walkers IC 15
  • Motivator starting at 3
  • Through the tunnel IC 15
  • Willy Mays Hays IC 10
  • Mozzy to starting position

The Thang

The Men paired up and shared a 5-gallon bucket filled with 2-3gallons of water. The started a Suicide style relay with 4 points of stop and work it hard. The block can not move forward or backward unless both men are holding it.

Each stop had high reps that the men can split or one do all. But the bucket can not touch the ground.

  1. 20 – Lunge
  2. 30 – Merkins
  3. 40 – Squats
  4. 50 – Little baby crunches

While one man did their share of the reps the other holds the bucket. They may swap or one hold and another do all of the reps.

Rinse and repeat



PAX finished the workout with a little Mary time together that included: Roly Poly IC 10, Rope Climb IC 15, Heels to Heaven IC 10.

Count-A-Rama (19 PAX)



Iron Valley finished circle of trust with a prayer.

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