Northeast Tennessee

If you stare too long, you might go blind

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Hill (Science Hill)

8 PAX aint afraid of the dark.
Motivator from 8 (because if I went from 10, Queen would have cut me)

Slow Squat x10

Windmill x10

Willy Maze x10

Partner up on the track at the 50.

  • One in plank Two does hurdles x10. Switch. Run track in opposite directions and meet at other 50.
  • One in plank Two does hurdle burpees x10. Switch. Continue around track to complete full lap
  • Rinse and Repeat (only 5 burpees 2nd round)
  • Same/same, but different- clerkins x10 on side one, bropees x5 on side two
  • Rinse and repeat
  • On the football field (QIC even had a whistle)
    • Stride to 20, sprint to 40, stride to 40, sprint to 20, stride to goal. Rinse and repeat x2
    • Lunge to 50, butt kickers to goal
    • High knees to 50, high skip to goal
    • Fire drill (quick feet, burpees on whistle)
    • Lunge to 20, jump to 40, lunge to 40, jump to 20, lunge to goal
  • Long jump challenge- beat your best 5 (total of 25 standing long jumps measured with chalk)
  • AYG 100yd wind sprints x2

PRAYER – one of our guys has a private matter that could really use some prayer. Please lift him up.
Today is the big solar eclipse. I shared a few thoughts in reflection about how we often get in our own way with self limiting beliefs. Most of the PAX were pleasantly surprised when they could beat their farthest long jump over and over. I challenged the guys to set goals and once they crush them, set them out a little further.

Total Miles: 2.1

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