Northeast Tennessee

Train Tracks and Hurricane Frisbee

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

Typical weather you see when your catching parts of a tropical depression. Low of 54F degrees, plus some wind. Actually a lot of wind, at one point part of the PAX about blew away during a round of Motivators.


  • Motivator starting at 3
  • Through the tunnel IC 10
  • Little baby arm circles IC 15
  • In reverse IC 15
  • Arm Pretzels X15
  • Motivator starting at 4
  • Hillbilly walkers IC 15
  • Abe Vegoda IC 10
  • Motivator starting at 5
  • Mozzy a lap


Jumping and Squatting Tracks:
Men planked one in front of the other. The man at the rear will jumped over the first and execute 1 squat, then jump the next and execute 2 squats, then 3 and so on.

After each person was jumped over, they got up and got into the Al Gore position. When the jumper gets to the end and into plank, everyone else will get down into plank as well.

Repeated the process from the Flag to the Sign. Now for the real fun.


Who plans Ultimate Frisbee game with hurricane winds
The PAX was divided into 2 teams. Now begins Ultimate Frisbee with a side of Merkins. Every time the frisbee hits the ground—10 Merkins. If there was an interception, the team that intercepted did Burpees, while the other team was in the Al Gore position. 

PAX finished the workout with a little Mary time together that included: LBC IC 30, Heels to Heaven IC 10, Fire Hydrant x15 each leg.


Count-A-Rama (15 PAX)

Most of the PAX agreed that Ultimate Frisbee is any fun unless you do it with Merkins. One new FNG, Eric Williams named “Billy Ray” for his claim that this would be his only appearance to F3. So from One hit Wonder to Billy Ray.

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