Northeast Tennessee

The 1980s called… They want their mixtape back!

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

When:  10/17/2017

QIC:  Brownie

The PAX:  Kardashian, Twilight, Cold Call, Manny (FNG), Shepherd, Balk, Pythagoras, Road Block, Swingline, Sleepy, Cooter, Penn-Seagal, Red Card, and Brownie.

Weather:  Unseasonably cold, 39 degrees F

COP – Brownie



Lunges x10 IC

Imperial Walkers x10 IC

SLOW Squats x10 IC

Hillbilly Walkers x20 IC

The Thang


YHC decided that, in light of a smoker obstacle course this weekend and the sore muscles that were still lingering, we would put on an 80s Tabata dance party this morning.  The PAX were not disappointed.

1 minute of work followed by 15 seconds of rest/transition.  Complete the following AMRAP:

-Pickle Pounders




-LBAC’s (forwards)

-Incline Merkins

-LBAC’s (backwards)

-Air Presses


-Freddy Mercurys

Count-O-Rama – 14 PAX in attendance.


Welcome “Manny”” – Blake Tyree.  He works at Grace Fellowship Church in the Early Childhood Program.  “Le Leche” and “Nanny” were proposed, but, ultimately “Manny” won out.


TClaps to all of the PAX who slayed Goliath this weekend at Doe River Gorge!

GrowRuck is in Chattanooga the week of 11/17-19.  See Donatello for more details.  It should be epic!

EH an FNG.

If you haven’t been on the Q, or you haven’t been on the Q in awhile, GET ON THE Q!


The 1st and 2nd F were both strong this morning.  YHC forgot how much fun it was to have SO MUCH mumblechatter during a morning workout.  Thanks for the encouragement from each of you!  Let’s make it a great week for our families, churches, and employers.

Keep the David Crockett High School football team in your prayers as they welcome their 3rd head coach for this season.

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