Northeast Tennessee

It’s not really a rerun if different folks show up is it????? March 17th, 2018

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

Low 40’s, rain had passed, good morning to be outside.   4 HIM showed up to get some work done.  I enjoyed leading this Q on Thursday so much I did it again today, different PAX so it was new to them!

PRAYER – Wilbur
25 SSH IC, LBAC FWD 15, BKWD 10, 10 IC Mericans, Shoulder Pretzels – 15

Mosey to bottom of hill below Stadium, dropping of sledgehammer, concrete block and a pair of 30# dumbells part of way down.  1 Ruck made it all the way down.
DORA 1 – 2 – 3

1 Pax Starts working on 100 IC (50 ea)  Mericans, 200 BBSU & 300 Squats. while other runs to top of hill to athletic building and back to trade positions.  YHC thought it would be fund to do this while wearing a ruck. After a few trips up the hill and a couple or rounds of mercs he found out differently and the ruck watched from the sidelines till DORA was done with her fun.

Mosey back up hill to school building where tractor tires are stored by school.

Pax 1 flips tire 5 times one direction and 5 back while partner pounds tire with 16 # sledge hammer, first round then curls either a concrete block or a pair of 30# barbells.  Two rotations of this fun.  Mr. Ruck made his presence known during each lift up of tire flip.


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