Northeast Tennessee


Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

WEATHER   61 degrees
DISCLAIMER   It was quickly pointed out that the QIC forgot to say he was not a professional. An over sight on YHC part do to the exhausted state of the Q but at least YHC was not in the fartsack like a lot of the hibernating PAX we have

  • Motivator – 5
  • MErkins – IC – 10
  • LBAC – IC – 10
  • LBAC – IC – 10
  • WMH – IC – 12  (again the Q was exhausted and flew right by 10)
  • Abe Vigoda – IC – 10

Many people call it different things – Gotcha day, Homecoming Day, Family Day……  My M was adopted as a child and she has always called her’s A-Day.  Yesterday was A-Day for YHC and 4 of his 2.0s.  Many may not know that my M had 4 children when we got married. In our house we never used step- anything. We are a family and the 2.0s are all “OURS”   I did not need a piece of paper to tell me who my 2.0s were but 2 years ago I was able to make it legal.  Today’s Q was in honor of that day.  PAX partnered up for a DORA style workout with one PAX running the length of the parking lot while the other exercised but the exercises were slightly different.     

  • Since it was A-Day we started with 400 American Hammers  (Right and left totaled 1)
  • 2.1   J – Jump Squats – 100
  • 2.2   B – Burpees – 100  (In the wake of time the QIC made a decision to do 50 with the option to come back if the series was completed before time expired)
  • 2.4   O – Outlaws – 100
  • 2.5   L – Lt. Dan’s – 100  ( YHC knew these were ambitious numbers but most groups got to about 80 or 90 before time expired. One comment was you know its a good Thang when you are slightly bummed Mary was going to be skipped!?!?!?)


  • Count o roma
  • Name o roma
  • Prayer

Sheherd’s ruck/run PAX look at your calendar for the weekend of memorial day

Murphy will be Monday May 28.  Start time 6:30 at the track

Starfish is an important part of F3 and now our brothers in Unicoi will have no other excuse besides, I am a sad clown and don’t WANT to be a better person.  Starting Monday June 4th, Iron Valley is branching out to Unicoi.  YES PAX, spread the word, MONDAY workouts are coming to you 5:30 – 6:15 as usual just a change of scenery   The Tack next to the elementary school.

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