Northeast Tennessee

3 Pax and a Deck of Cards

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Weather:  Perfect, 51 degrees F

COP – Brownie



LBAC x10 backwards & forwards x10 IC

Mosey 1/2 lap.

Imperial Walkers x10 IC

Mosey 1/2 lap.

Through The Tunnel x10 IC

Mosey 1/2 lap.

Hillbilly Walkers x10 IC

Mosey 1/2 lap.

Squats x10 IC

Mosey 1/2 lap.

Lunges (each leg) x10 IC

Mosey 1/2 lap.

LBC’s x10 IC

Mosey to center field.

The Thang

52 Card Pick-Up!

PBS was asked to shuffle to ensure YHC was not trying to stack the deck.

Diamonds – Squats IC

Hearts – Plank Jacks IC

Clubs – Lunges 2x per number shown IC

Spades – LBC’s IC

Face Cards=10 Reps.

Aces=Run 1/4 mile track.


Dolly x10 IC

Sweat Angels x10 IC

LBC’s x30 IC

Plank Jacks x10 IC

Pickle Pounders x10 IC

Peter Parkers x10 IC

Heels to Heaven x10 IC

Count-O-Rama – 3 PAX in attendance.


COP – Brownie


EH an FNG.

Check the CSAUP calendar!


Pray for Mona Lisa and YHC’s baby due 4/15/19!

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