Northeast Tennessee

Wilderness Road 11/13/18

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

5 PAX showed up for a balmy 65 degree morning (no wait, that’s probably in FL somewhere), for a crisp clear 11 degree morning (no wait, that was Wilbur in Omaha), for a cool, rainy, 43 degree morning that was very England-esk in terms of weather.  It was a good exercise in getting good exercise without necessarily rolling around in the mud.
SSH IC x 15

LBAC Forward IC x 10

Overhead Arm Circles IC x 8

LBAC Reverse IC x 8

Bodyweight Squats IC x 10

Indian Run jog around the parking lot, down to the track for two laps, and back up to the parking lot for ~ 1 mile.
A combo block/bodyweight workout, reverse ladder and back up again time permitting.

  • 90 reps Block/bodyweight squats
  • 80 reps Imperial Walkers
  • 70 reps Block push-ups
  • 60 reps Block/bodyweight lunges
  • 50 reps SSH together
  • 40 reps Mountain Climbers (R+L = 1)
  • 30 reps Block Push Press
  • 20 reps Block Burpees
  • 10 reps Block Curls

PAX then started back up the ladder and completed lunges before running out of time.

Nothing happening here
Threw some prayers up for safe travels for some of the PAX not present and also for a local family whose had two tragic deaths in the family in the last 4 months.

Reminded of the Turkey Trot coming up.

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