Northeast Tennessee

Three amigos vs El Guapo

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Three pax gathered around a virtual flag on a crisp 29° morning for a guaranteed no bear crawl workout.
SSH x 15 IC

willy mays hays

imperial walker x10 IC

arm circles f/r x10 IC

merkins x10 IC


three pax moseyed to the swing set for an alternate version of 21 (which is one of YHC’s favorites).  Instead of they typical merkins to sit ups ratio, body rows on the swings and squats were used.  Start at the swing set for body rows and jog to the fire hydrant for squats (begin with 1 body row and 20 squats with each round increasing rows and decreasing squats with each round always equaling 21 reps).

It was decided that the pax would do this as a unit, which instantly caused YHC to call us The Three Amigos! The role of Lucky Day was played by Matlock.  Ned Nederlander was masterfully played by Jobs, while YHC was Dusty Bottoms. Which left the swing set playing El Guapo.

Once the village was saved we moseyed back to the planted virtual flag for some Mary.

Boat canoe


flutter kicks

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