Northeast Tennessee

Arrowhead 12/29 “B.Y.O.G.”

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

On an unusually balmy December morning, six PAX (one FNG) gathered for the Clemson homage “BYOG” due to Pedialyte’s shameless fandom of his undergraduate institution.  “BYOG” stands for the now-famous phrase (at least to Clemson fans – Bring Your Own Guts) that Coach Dabo Sweeney coined after the previous meeting between the Tigers and the Fighting Irish in 2015 following the Clemson victory in a driving hurricane-like rainstorm.  I titled this workout BYOG just to do something before the semi-final playoff game between the teams.  Too bad Donatello could not attend and get nauseated by all of my Clemson comments, and the playing of the video of the Dabo BYOG comments before the workout.


The Warmup

  • SSH X13 (the point spread)
  • Merkins IC X10 (followed by the horrible description by Jester of what a “Merkin” historically means)
  • TTT IC X10
  • Hillbilly Walkers IC X10
  • Willie Mays Hays IC X10 seconds each side
  • LBAC IC X15, reverse
    In all the excitement of preparing a BYOG-themed beatdown, I forgot the deck of cards that was vital to the workout.  Yeah well, gotta roll with the punches.  Keeping with the 4 letters, each letter stood for an exercise.  Instead of the deck of cards, each PAX just gave us a number and I chose the suit and we went with it.
  • “B” unfortunately stood for Burpees
  • “Y” stood for “X-Ys”, which I pulled out of the lexicon.  A X-Y is on your six, and is two Hello Dollies followed by two flutter kicks.  They add up with the suckiness as you get the reps up.  The hardest part was getting the cadence correct.
  • “O” was for cardiO.  There are very few exercises that begin with “O”, and we always need to run some.  Cones were set out at 25-yard intervals and the distance was based on the number chosen.  As the workout went on, Gutterball suggested we use the tractor tires to add to the experience.  Great idea!
  • “G” stood for “Genuine.”  A new one for me where you do a simultaneous block press and squat.  Harder than it looks.
  • The workout ended with yet another “Roxanne” with 27 Merkins to finish the morning.  Music was played throughout.

We all are faced with a situation from time to time that requires us to “BYOG”.  A football game is still just a game and “BYOG” was just a catchy phrase created by an enthusiastic coach.  But it does apply to us as men and how we must sometimes bring our own guts to situations that we find ourselves in with our jobs, families, and our world.  F3 brings us around other men who face the same things and we are fortunate to be around each other and support each other and our accountability to each other.  And the butt slaps from Jester.
Welcome to “Bartman” – David Gibbons.  David is Cubs fan who was EHed by Matlock.  Bartman is in reference to the 2003 incident at Wrigley Field where Steve Bartman interfered with an attempted catch by a Marlins player, leading to a loss by the Cubs and elimination from the NLCS.  Steve is still not a popular guy in Chicago.  No one ever said the PAX were kind with their choice of F3 names.

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