Northeast Tennessee

Cold Weather 11s

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

It was cold, 24 degrees, with a slight bite in the wind. 11 PAX figured the best way to keep warm would be to get out and put in some work.  Musical inspiration was brought to you today by the bands: Guns N Roses, Queen, Chicago, Led Zeppelin, The Cranberries, Smashing Pumpkins, Prodigy, Darude, and the Chemical Brothers.


  • SSH IC x28 (conveniently the margin by which the ACC beat the SEC in two bowl games this year).
  • TTT IC x10
  • WMH x10 ea side
  • Sumo Strech x 10
  • Barishnikov squats x10
  • 8 ct Body Builders x10

Mosey the long way to the swing sets.

11s with Merkins and Underdogs (10 reps and 1 rep, 9 reps and 2 reps, etc)

There was about 8 parking lanes between the two stations.  We lunged to the Underdogs on the swings.  We bear crawled to the Merkins.

Moseyed the short way back to flag when finished

  • Freddie Mercury (I want to ride my bicycle) IC x20
  • Box Cutters IC x10
  • Mountain Climbers IC x10
  • LBC IC x10
  • American Hammers IC x10
  • Flutter Kicks IC x16 (courtesy of Pedialyte)

Per Coach Dabo: word of the year, JOY, Jesus, Others, Yourself
Honeysuckle will be taking over for Pedialyte at Arrowhead AO.  TClaps to both gentlemen

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