Northeast Tennessee

Bringing Some Landfill to Wilderness Road

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

6 PAX showed on a gorgeous brisk morning with no wind for my second Q, inspired by the beatdown delivered at Chattanooga’s Landfill AO by Prosciutto, while I was vacating last weekend. All IC exercises ended w/ shouting “Rob” instead of “Halt” to cheer on our buddy Rob (aka ENO from Arrowhead) who ran the Disney half marathon this morning from 6:30-10ish. (He did finish and thanks us for our support.)


Intro 10-Down Concept (10D)
 – Q Calls a PAX Out (e.g. “Yukon 10 Down”).
 – That PAX (e.g. Yukon) counts down from 10 as it pleases him.
 – All PAX rest until that PAX (e.g. Yukon) finished count down.
 – Goal is not to rest other than during 10 Downs.

Fast Paced, Each x10 IC
– High Knees
– Lunges
– Wide High Knees (Suggested Rename “Leprechauns”)
– Smurf Jacks
– Toe Merkins
– Prisoner Squats
– Jump Squats
– Toe Merkins (Again)

– Imperial Walkers
– Elbow Plank
– Mountain Climbers
– High Plank Kickouts
– High Plank Moon Gods L
– High Plank Moon Gods R

Mosey Around BF (Band Field) to Brick Wall
“Wall Blaster”
Wall Sit Through All Ex 10x IC, 10D, RRx2
– Muhammad Ali (Jabs)
– Joe Frazier (Upper Cuts)
– Push Press
– Side Raises
– Bus Drivers
Mosey to Grassy Knoll
“Bear Crawl Ring of Fire”
Circle Up, All Ex, 10D, RRx3
– Bear Crawl in Circle 1 Lap
– Plank While Merkin x10 in Turn
Mosey to Bus Drop
“Ride the Bench”
All Ex 10x IC, 10D, RRx3
– Inclerkin (Incline Merkin)
– Declerkin (AKA Derkin, Decline Merkin)
– Dip (First Tried Funky Dip w/ Kickout, but Couldn’t Coordinate)
Mosey to School Hill
– Sprint Up, Walk Down 3x
Mosey to Wall for One More Rep of Wall Blaster
Mosey to Parking Lot, Get Coupon, Take to Grassy Knoll
“Block Party” (w/ Coupon)
Each Ex 1:2 Ratio, 1x-5x, 10D, 5x-1x, 10D
– Shoulder Press : Curl (Then Ran Out of Time)
– Bent Over Row: Curl
– Bell Swings: Curl

Each Ex 10x IC, 10D
– WWII Situp
– American Hammer
– Dolly (Leg Spreads)
– Flutter Kick
– LBC (Li’l Baby Crunches)

3 months ago (pre F3 and some other self-discovery), I would have never gone to some park to workout with a bunch of strangers at 7AM on a Saturday while I was on vacation in a strange city. Last week I did, and it was a blast. I encourage all to look up the AO when travelling and post. You’ll feel right at home. Li’l Debbie added that it’s an extra hoot to call ahead and Q as a visitor. I’ll try that next time.
Rob and his Half Marathon, Li’l Debbie’s M Travelling, Jamboree’s 2.0s Traveling, Yukon’s Workmates Medical Tests, For Us To Identify and Help Anyone Feeling Alone (Sheepdog) And muchas gracias to SkyQ for all things.

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