Northeast Tennessee

Tire Flippin’ Relay

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

It was a pleasant day, overcast approaching 50 degrees.  16 PAX joined the fun for Gutterball’s first Anni-Q


Gutterball got a compliment on his disclaimer.


  • Motivator from 11
  • Through the tunnel x10 IC
  • WMH x10 each side
  • Sumo stretch x10 count


We stayed on the track today.  There were four relay teams of four PAX each.  Each PAX did an AMRRAP (as many rinse and repeats as possible) at their station until their teammate relieved them.  There were three stations at the East, West, and North sides (Of note, the West side is where the shovel flag usually plants).  The South side had the tires laid out on the track.

  • South: 5 tire flips, with a burpee after each flip, then run to East to relieve teammate
  • East: Squats x10, Lunges x10 ea, Rinse and Repeat until relieved, then run to North.
  • North: Heels to Heaven x10, American Hammers x10 ea, Rinse and Repeat until relieved, then run to West.
  • West: 8ct Body Builders, Rinse and Repeat until relieved, then run to Flip those tires again.

On average everyone spent about 3 minutes at each station before being relieved.  Most teams made it just over 2 full laps.
Plank on the song ” Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker, Jr.  Merkin any time “Ghost” was mentioned. (suddenly Roxanne wasn’t so bad)

I appreciate the accountability that this group brings.  Thanks for a good year.

Please sign up to lead workouts.  Email Penn-Seagal ( to get your log-in credentials.  Then go to on the calendar tab and edit an individual day to put your name on the list.  Easy as that.  If you need help planning a Q, ask anyone who has done it before for help.  Do it so we can avoid a weekly Honeysuckle beatdown.

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