Northeast Tennessee

Saturday Morning Fun

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

The morning was a crisp 34 degrees and 17 pax decided to the Daily Red Pill. This QIC started to take charge for 45 minutes, but was quickly corrected that it’s an hour Q. Even better!
The Motivator from 7 IC
TTT x10 IC
Willie Mays Hayes x5 IC
Mericans x10 IC
Squats x10 Slow IC
Imperial Walkers x15 IC

The flag was unplanted and a mosey began. The first stop was Tombstone Hill where the Pax Bernie Sanders up to the top. Once everyone reached the top, 5 Burbees OYO and 20 Flutter Kicks IC were performed. The mosey resumed. A nice gravel parking lot was happened upon. This is where another set of Flutter Kicks and Burpees were performed. Mosey through Kings Common to the bank parking lot. Yep, another round of Burpees and Flutter Kicks. Continue to mosey to 1st Pres. church playground. Partner up to perform Murph training. 5 pull-ups, 10 Mercans and 15 Squats. Rinse and repeat until QIC called time. Everyone headed to the half wall for some wall sits and numbered off as the time it was held. Mosey up to the Library for a little crawl bear on the stairs. Once at the top 5 Burpees and bear crawl back to the bottom. 30 step ups on the wall and continue our mosey back to the AO. Another stop in the Johnson City Press parking lot. But here since the pax complained that the QIC was predictable so it was changed up. 10 Burpees and 40 Flutter Kicks were lead. Everyone was in better spirits. Mosey. Stoping at the top of Tombstone Hill for 43 Flutter Kicks and 10 burpees again to not be predictable. Then last mosey to the AO. 56 Flutter Kicks were lead and then the great Burpee Train. Everyone was happy to stay over for the train.


Singlets celebration

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