Northeast Tennessee

Rinse and Repeat

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

13 Men gathered in the out-of-doors to get their work on. Many were motivated solely by the hope of seeing my face this morning. Sadly, the overcast skies and 40 degree weather kept it close to pitch black at ye olde Arrowhead AO.

Inchworm X5 OYO
TTT x 10 IC
LBAC X10 IC forward and reverse
Merkins X10 IC
Mosey to the pull up bars.

Due to time constraints, this was a rinse and repeat of a previous Q with a few slight modifications. I didn’t hear any complaints, mostly because everyone was so winded.

  • AMRAP: 5 Rounds, 3 minutes per round, 60 second recovery per round
    • 5 pull ups
    • 5 broad jumps
    • 10 dry docks
    • 30 mountain climbers (1 ct each leg)
  • Mosey to swings for a dual ladder:
    • Swing body rows count 1 to 10
    • Hand release merkins 1 to 10

Planks followed by some boat canoe.
Leadership is about empowering others. Empower someone that looks up to you by telling them that they have helped you in some way. Letting them know they helped you makes them feel influential, powerful, and capable, which in most cases they certainly are.
Good-bye to Singlet. It was great having coffeeteria with some Ironhorse guys. Also, pray for Beaker and his family as they do the DCS/Foster care / Court thing.

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