Northeast Tennessee

Choose your Eggsercises

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Definition of gloom: 45 degrees and light rain/drizzle. 17 pax took the Red Pill and showed up for some Eggcellent activities.

  • SSH X30IC
  • LBACs X10<>IC Right leg/left leg balance
  • TTT X10IC
  • DQ X10IC


  • Reverse Egg Hunt
    • Buckets of eggs marked with eggsercises (thanks, Swingline, maybe). Select 5 eggs, do the exercises, then pick 2 eggs to hide in the park.
  • Egg-Toss-Burp
    • Traditional egg toss – but toss the egg to your teammate, take a step back, do a burpee, repeat.
    • When egg breaks, burpees until all eggs are broken.
    • Not sure who won, but the distance was easily 40+ yard
  • Dora – Egg spoon carry
    • One partner Lunges across park with egg in spoon
    • The other partner starts
      • 50 merkins
      • 100 LBCs
      • 150 Squats
  • Mosey to stairs – bunny hop up, bear crawl down, mosey to wall, raccoon crawl length of wall
  • Back to park plank in circle as pax takes turns locating their hidden eggs
  • Open egg and start abs exercises found therein.


Welcome FNG, Hurley, Nathan Timbs; Moneypenny’s 2.1 who might have overdone it at Southern Craft last night.

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