Northeast Tennessee

A Block, A Hill, and a Roll of the Die

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

Nine pax made their way to #the_range on an almost 70 degree morning where more humidity hung in the air than was desired by many.
SSH x 15
TTT x 15
LBC x 15
LBAC x 15 forward
LBAC x 15 reverse
Each pax hoisted his block on one shoulder and made a (slower) mosey from the Range down to the skate park.  Immediately, 15 curls were completed with the block and then it was hoisted to the shoulder once again to make a run up YHC’s favorite hill at the Range.  Atop the hill, 15 more curls were completed and the block was left at the top before the return run down.  This constituted the “Water Break”.

Each pax took a turn rolling the advanced die that some threatened to throw in the nearby pond.  Each roll gave us a variety of exercises including Jump Lunges (15), Burpees (20), American Hammers (30), Side Planks, Mountain, Climbers (30), Merkins (20), and the dreaded water break (back up the hill and 15 more curls).

On the second water break, blocks were returned to the skate park as time was approaching.  One more water break roll resulted in LBCs (15) subbing for curls at the top of the hill.  As time was called at the Skate Park, the pax hoisted the block back up and made their way back to the range.  Only the purists stuck to the original path charted by YHC.  The humidity and the work produced an abundance of sweat.

One more roll of the die:  Mountain Climbers (30).
Reminders about forming habits (both good and bad) reiterated the importance of F3 and the support and encouragement we give one another.  It makes you want to get out in the morning.
May 25 – Mini JC Convergence at Iron Horse (Arrowhead closed)
May 27 – Murph: 7 a.m. at Arrowhead
May 31-June 1:  GOMR – Message Kardashian for details

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