Northeast Tennessee

Try and Flip a Tire a Quarter-Mile

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

It was mid-50s and cloudy, a bit wet on the ground but otherwise a fine day for the 19 PAX to put in some work.


  • SSH IC x25
  • TTT IC x10
  • WMH X10 ea side
  • Imperial Walker IC x15

1 Mile Scout Run around the AO


We got into groups of 4-5 based on self-identified lifting ability.  There were four tires laid out on the southwest part of the track.  The heaviest tire was on the inner part of the track and the weights of the tires decreased as you moved to the outer portions of the track.  Each person in the group was given a place in order.

  1. Flip the tire x10 along the track
  2. AMRAP Merkins
  3. AMRAP Little Baby Crunches
  4. AMRAP Squats
  5. AMRAP American Hammers (void if group of four)

Once the first PAX performs ten tire flips – come back where the rest of the small group is doing their AMPRAPs and the group Bear Crawls forward to the tire (probably 15-20 yards).  Move up one spot in the order (so the tire flipper starts Am. Hammers).  Rinse and Repeat until one lap is complete.

One group almost made the full quarter-mile.  Most got about 2/3 through a lap.  Many PAX ended up flipping the tire 40-50 times.  We had fun.

No time left
Echoing Launchpad’s recent Slack post, Consider donating blood to help save a life.  O-neg people have a particularly useful blood type.  Any blood can be helpful.
Marsh Blood Center has open donations at 2428 Knob Creek Rd in Johnson City. (423) 282-7090. M,Th 10:30-6.  T,W,F 8:30-4.  American Red Cross also accepts donations 818 Sunset Drive.

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