Northeast Tennessee

Swoll, Sweaty, Swift Saucer Skirmish

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

A perfect morning, 69 degrees, with plenty of humidity to gauge sweat production with our Dri-Fit Sweat Gauge Torso Covers. Only one hamstring turned into a veggie burger during the Ultimate Frisbee set…mine.
Our new daughter in law who is in PT school put us through a mobility workout on Friday so I thought I’d share some of the conditioning and mobility exercises.

  1. Mosey to Ultimate Frisbee Field
  2. 25 Fire hydrants, each leg
  3. 20 Rings of Uranus forward and backward, each leg
  4. 20 Donkey kicks from plank, each leg
  5. 20 Bird dogs from plank, each leg
  6. 20 Cat arch/Cow drop back.
  7. 20 T spine rotations each arm
  8. 20 Booty busters each leg


  1. Throw Frisbee as far as you can and run to it: 11 burpees.
  2. Throw it back to the start, run to it, 1 prisoner squat
  3. Repeat.
  4. Add to 12. Reduce burpees by one each round. Increase Prisoner squat by one.
  5. 30 Lunge steps across field and 30 back. Finish with 20 Situps
  6. Mosey back to The Range and play Ultimate Frisbee.
    1. 5 Burpees after each touchdown
    2. Situps while Pax chase down runaway Frisbee


  1. 25 Merkins IC
  2. 30 Flutter Kicks IC


  1. Swingline’s son, Grey, had good news at Cleveland Clinic yesterday.
  2. July 13 Pool Party
  3. Prayer for Shepherd’s Pastor Seminar leadership.

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