Northeast Tennessee

6 Men – Proud and Strong

Northeast Tennessee Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

6 dedicated Pax attended today.
Since I went to the F3 site to learn some new exercises, we had show how to do some of the exercises during the warmup.

Run and BLIMP to the playground

  • Once there we had 7 stations and had 2 exercises at each one except for the First, Middle and Last stops.  Once you got to the end, go back through and do the other exercise. 10 Pullups

    30 Big Boy Sit Ups- 30 American Hammer

    15 Catalina Wine Mixers- 20 Merkins

    15 Freddie Mercury- Each Leg- 20 Boat Canoe



    20 In and Outs on the Swing Set from a Plank Position30 Squats – 15 Hillbilly Walkers- Each Leg


    Bernie Sanders Up the Hill

    20 Ski Abs – 15 Peter Parker- Each Arm

    30 In and Out – 20 Bobby Hurley- Squat slap ground- jump shot 


    20 Arm Pretzels –

    Make your way back down the hill and to the pullup bars and do the other exercise you did not do on the way up

  • Black Snake Run- back to meeting location to finish7- Bropee – Burpee with partner and jump high 10 partner at the end

    10- Booyah- Merkin with partner and tap other partner right shoulder then left shoulder

    Butkus- 30 step ups

    Rest for remainder of minute



Australian Snow Angels

Dying Cockroach

Box Cutter


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