Northeast Tennessee

“Don’t Be ALARMED”

Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Heavy rain. 16 pax.
DISCLAIMER I am not a professional
PRAYER Give us the strength to live this day…
Motivators from 13. Baby arms 13 reverse 13 cherry pickers 13 reverse pickers 13 shoulder pretzels. 13 burpees on your own.
ALARM (with coupons) arms (bicep curls), legs (squats), abs (lil baby crunches), run (one stair lap OR one cemetery hill lap, merkins. Draw a playing card from the deck and perform the reps on the card (no aces): jacks are 11, queens 12 and kings 13. Red cards indicate a stair lap and black the longer hill lap.

  • Sometimes
  • bulleted
  • lists
  • are
  • handy.

Abs for 4 minutes: flutter kicks 26, American hammers 13, heels to heaven 13, hillbilly walkers 13.
CIRCLE OF TRUST One FNG. Kardashian, Cheeks, Sugar, Crampon, Joanna, Pythagoras, Heehaw, Whoppi, Pam, Swingline, Ghostrider, Jake, Colonel, Three Mile, Cluck, FNG (‘Noah’).
PRAYER “IMG_2313Watch our steps and our words.”
Birthday VQ for Cluck.
Sang Happy Birthday to Ghostrider.

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